Hotline Lyrics by Ciara

Ciara Lyrics

Hotline Lyrics
Turn me up
Bang to this, bang the bass
Sho nuff


[Verse 1:]
Ooh I'm so glad u came
Cause u are the cutest thing
Beauty should be your name
And I should be your lady baby
Tell me where you been all my life
Cause your so sexy and I,
Like to make u the one
Baby heres my number

Call me up
Hot line I got some conversation
I can be your operator
Baby you should call me later
Because you are so fine
I hope that your not playin
Cause I'm lovin wat your sayin
Baby dontcha keep me waitin
Call me up hotline
You are so fine yeaa your so fine
I can be your operator
Call me up hot line you are so fine
Your so fine dontcha keep me waitin call me up

[Verse 2:]
Listen, don't tell me nething (uh uh) keep it real with me (uh huh)
U say your single and
Your ready to mingle
Your sayin the rite things baby
Man I want u so bad
Gotta make u my man
Your wat I need in my life
Baby there's no time to waste
I said all I wana say
You kno that I'm feelin u
I kno that your feelin me
Page me now don't wana stop
Anything for u and I
Be there when u need me baby anytime u need me


C'mon Let's Go
All my single folks we guna get down
Take it to the floor
Rite now take it to the floor
C'mon Get Low
All the ones in love we gon get down take it to the floor
Rite now take it to the floor


Call me up that's wassup call me up mm mm call me up
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