Woohoo Lyrics by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Lyrics

Woohoo Lyrics
Woo-Hoo [repeated throughout]

You know you really wanna (hey) wanna taste my
You know you wanna get a peek, wanna see my
You know you wanna put your lips where my hips are
Kiss on my, all over my
All the boys think it's cake when they taste my
You don't even need a plate, just your face, ha
Licky-licky yum-yum, what a great guy
Now kiss on my, all over my
K-kiss on my, all over my
K-k-kiss on my, all over my

[Verse 1:]
Feel lights on me everywhere I go
Like a little boy up in the candy store
C-c-craving to get your hands on
Give it up before momma says no
I'm a let you get a little closer
Even though I ain't supposed to
I like it strong when it's longer
I'm a little tipsy, play along with me


[Verse 2:]
Pick you glass up you're sipping kinda slow
Wanna see just how ya take it down low
Hurry up I wanna see a bit more
Take it off before momma gets bored
I know that you love me long time, yeah
You wanna take it for a ride, yeah
I'm feeling bad and I like it
I'm a little tipsy, play along with me


[Verse 3:]
All the ladies up in the place, it's your turn
Give the fellas a little taste, of how it works
Let go
I know I prolly shouldn't but, uh, I'm feeling good
I'm a little tipsy, play along with me

[Nicki Minaj:]
O-ok guess who got that Mmm-mmm, nani-nani
In The Mondrian, Mmm-mmm, in Miami
Who's Galiano, whip-whip the Armani
When it drip-drip lick-lick like a lolli
Or, left from Jamacia, going Farah Cantor[? ]
Jimmy Ivine, Tom Wiley, And Le Ore
Keep me and Chrissy in Christian Dior
But that was before, or be you [? ]
My name Nicki little daddy and you
You can do anything you put your mind to
Way ya French kiss it, Francais parlez vous
When you work your tongue, can I hire you


You wanna taste my
You wanna taste my
You wanna see my
(You ready)
All my ladies say
If you got a great
Let him get a peek
If you got a sweet
Let me hear you scream
But bitches keep it clean

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