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The Chemical Brothers Lyrics

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From the Album Born In The Echoes (2015) (buy at
Born In The Echoes
Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
Under Neon Lights
Eml Ritual
I'll See You There
Just Bang
Born In The Echoes
Wide Open

From the Album Don't Think (2012) (buy at

Another World
Tomorrow Never Knows
Do It Again
Get Yourself High
Horse Power
Chemical Beats
Star Guitar
3 Little Birdies Downbeats
Hey Boy Hey Girl
Don t Think
Out Of Control
Setting sun
It doesn't matter
Escape Velocity
Leave Home / Galvanize
Block rockin' beats

From the Album Further (2010) (buy at

Another World
Horse Power

From the Album Brotherhood (2008) (buy at

Block rockin' beats
Chemical Beats
Do It Again
Golden Path
Hey Boy Hey Girl
Keep My Composure
Leave Home
Let forever be
Out Of Control
Setting sun
Star Guitar

From the Album We Are the Night (2007) (buy at
2008 Grammy Award for Best Electronic / Dance Album
No Path To Follow
We Are The Night
All Rights Reversed
Do It Again
The Salmon Dance
A Modern Midnight Conversation
Battle Scars
The Pills Won't Help You Now
No Need

From the Album Push The Button (2005) (buy at
2006 Grammy Award for Best Electronic / Dance Album
The Boxer
Hold Tight London
Come Inside
The Big Jump
Left Right
Close Your Eyes
Shake Bounce Break
Marvo Ging
Surface To Air

From the Album Come With Us (2002) (buy at

Come With Us
It Began In Afrika
Galaxy Bounce
Star Guitar
My Elastic Eye
The State We're In
Pioneer Skies
The Test

From the Album Surrender (1999) (buy at

Music: Response
Under The Influence
Out Of Control
Orange Wedge
Let Forever Be
The Sunshine Underground
Asleep From Day
Got Glint?
Hey Boy Hey Girl
Dream On

From the Album Dig Your Own Hole (1997) (buy at

Block Rockin' Beats
Dig Your Own Hole
Setting Sun
It Doesn't Matter
Don't Stop The Rock
Get Up On It Like This
Lost In The K-Hole
Where Do I Begin?
The Private Psychedelic Reel

From the Album Exit Planet Dust (1995) (buy at

Leave Home
In Dust We Trust
Song To The Siren
Three Little Birdies Down Beats
F*ck Up Beats
Chemical Beats
Chico's Groove
One Too Many Mornings
Life Is Sweet
Playground For A Wedgeless Firm
Alive Alone

Other Songs:
(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up
Bug Powder Dust (C.B. Rmx)
Burning Wheels (C.B. Rmx)
Buzz Tracks
Everything Must Go (C.B. Vocal Rmx)
Freak Of The Week
I Think I'm In Love (C.B. Vocal Rmx)
Jailbird (C.B. Rmx)
La Tristesse Durera (Chemical Brothers Rmx)
Let Me In Mate
Loops Of Fury
Morning Lemon
Not Another Drugstore
Open Up (Dust Brothers Rmx)
Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers Rmx)
This Is Not A Game (from "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" soundtrack)
Toothache (C.B. Rmx)
Voodoo People (Chemical/Dust Brothers Rmx)

The Chemical Brothers Info:

The Chemical Brothers are a British electronic music duo composed of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons originating in Manchester in 1989. In the UK, they have had five number one albums and 13 top 20 singles, including two number ones. -Wikipedia

Also known as:
The 237 Turbo Nutters, Chemical Ed & Chemical Tom (Respectively)

Manchester, England, UK

Electronica, trip hop, big beat, house, techno, electronic rock, alternative dance

Years active:

Name Origin:
They were originally called "The Dust Brothers", but the threat of legal action forced them to change their name in 1995. The chose the name "The Chemical Brothers" after "Chemical Beats"

Tom Rowlands
(born in Kingston-Upon-Thames, England on January 11th, 1971 - age )

Ed Simons
( born in Herne Hill, South London, England on June 9th, 1970 - age )

Did You Know:
• Ed Simons two main interests when he was young were aeroplanes and musicals.

• Ed Simons developed a fondness of rare groove and Hip hop music hip hop, after frequenting a club called The Mud Club when he was 14.

• Rowlands became obsessed with Scotland when he was a child, and loved the bagpipes .

• Rowlands was also in a band called Ariel prior to meeting up with Simons.

The Chemical Brothers Quotes:
The whole idea of being a DJ is working a club and making people dance, making people enjoy themselves and dance their bootie off. We still enjoy doing that.

Producing would be nice, that's something both Ed and I would like to do. Producing is really so much fun. We've produced a couple of things for other musicians and bands and we really loved it.

We're pretty young now and money isn't everything. You can buy a lot with money but you can't buy fun with it. So if we'd remixed those singles and wouldn't have felt good about it, we'd have lost out.

Playing live is great, the feedback from the audience and all that. The only problem is that I really ruin my health with it. On stage there is the temptation of turning the music louder and louder. It's like a drug and after a show I always end up with ringing ears.

Chemical Brothers Awards:
Grammy Award for Best Electronic / Dance Album - We Are the Night

Grammy Award for Dance Recording: “Galvanize,”
Grammy Award for Electronic/Dance Recording: “Push the Button,”
MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video: "Believe"

Grammy Award for Rock Instrumental: “Block Rockin' Beats,”

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