B!tch ZO SXC Lyrics by Charli XCX

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B!tch ZO SXC Lyrics

Yo, chainsaw tight like a wrapped up mic
I'm an ill motherf*cker and I only drink snake bite
Get yourself right, lock you in the f*cking coffin
Bury you alive and there ain't no way I'm f*cking stopping

You're a sad bitch, but I'm a bad bitch
Got more cheese than your motherf*cking sandwich
Speak another language, your boy will never understand me
Roll deep, with the guns in the f*cking candy

I'm on the Japanese hardcore
F*ck you up quick with a hammer and a hacksaw
Uh, Your bitches know I'm so gnarly
Beating up the track like, ow ow Charli

It's a motherf*cking murder scene
I'm the serial killer, only 18
Yeah, yeah it's a underage wet dream
uh, but that bitch so sexy

But that bitch so sexy
But that bitch so sexy
But that bitch so sexy
But that bitch so sexy

Yo, uh, don't f*ck with me
I'll smash you up with a f*cking chainsaw
Lock you in a dungeon
Suck out your blood through a f*cking straw
Put it in a cocktail and serve it to your mother
Uh, peace

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