Big Girls Lyrics by Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green Lyrics

Big Girls Lyrics
And I know that's right

She may be a lot of woman
There's a lot more work to do
But one thing's for certain
Big girls need love too

Hey big mama what you doin' tonight?
Are you gonna go my way?
Always got somethin' good to eat
Always got somewhere to stay
Well you're not too big, you're not too small
I think you're wearin' it well
She's the type to come over and cuddle with
When the winter is cold as hell


Well she's man's best friend in the midnight hour
No place I'd rather be
Hell she told me I could move right on in
And live there forever for free
Well if lovin' her is wrong, I don't wanna be right
You know it ain't no crime
No it ain't exactly a ménage à trois
But it's still like two at a time


Ain't nothin' wrong
It's got to be strong
Cause they can go all night long
So hold on


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