Whatever I Want Lyrics by Cash Out

Cash Out Lyrics

Whatever I Want Lyrics
[Intro: Cash Out]
Oh, Cash Out
Whatever I Want
They give me whatever
He give me whatever I want

[Hook: Cash Out]
Your bitch, she give me whatever I want
My club, he give me whatever I want
When it comes to the mall, I'm gettin whatever I want
When it comes to clipse, we shooting whatever you want ooh

[Verse 1: Cash Out]
F*ck you pay me, it's on my hat
What's on my waist? you know it's the strap
Cop on my shirt, your bitch gon work
And I go bizerk, when I'm spittin on these verses
I'm killin shit these niggas better call a hurst quick,
I'm so sick, my wrist sick, I spit bricks
I pop shit, but I show shit when I pop shit yeah,
You pop shit just pop shit and I pop shit


[Bridge: Cash Out]
And I swear my kicks cost a do wop
And I swear my wrist costs a half block
And I swear I'll put a whole brick on your head
And I swear I ain't never talkin to the Feds

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Big blocks I swear, I cashed out I swear
So tight with this bread nigga, but these bullets I share
I got dubs under that V, I will Dre beats your broad
I got blood under my feet, I got plane seats in my car
I get a hundred bricks on my arm, I got a hundred stacks in my charm
Make it rain, sin city
I spend hundred bands on that storm
Now don't f*ck around with that cold boy now
Young blood on that dough boy now
Came up off that dough boy block,
Straight up to that billboad spot


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