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Ca$h Out Lyrics

Hold Up Lyrics
[Hook: Ca$h Out]
And I'm like wait, Hold up
Please let me roll up
And your ho done chose us
And now she got her nose up
And these niggas don't know us
But these hoes they know us
Maybach when we roll up
Strong pack when we roll up
And I'm like wait
And I ain't worried bout' no nigga taking
My bricks, what you should be worried about
Is me taking your bitch
And I'm like wait, Hold up
Please let me roll up
And your ho done chose us
And now she got her nose up

[Verse 1: Ca$h Out]
And I'm like wait, cool
And all these hoes they wanna'
Act like they know a nigga
I'm like stop flexing girls
Take it off what can you show
A nigga, before a bitch control me
I would let money control a nigga
But I control it, and tell it go get, more
They done let me in the door
And I know that shit f*cked up
Because I'm coming at your throat
And they like Cash Out slow down
But I don't see red
I'm always on, go
And I keep re-lapping niggas
Ain't no limit I want more yeah
Hold up, these niggas they ain't believe me
Shot pass they ass now they see me on TV
Bitch this ain't no movie but you can get
The clip in HD, and I know the reason they
Hate me


[Verse 2: Wale]
These niggas don't want it
See I'm making more like 10 racks
I might leak em' all 600
Stuntin' DMV they gonna get us
She rack working no I step first
Like a DDT to these bitches
Hold up, get Patron in my soda
That blue dot and no roc and I
Do that shot with no cola
Tryna' knock her boots and never call her
I got time for my order
You standing over there dolo
The broads arrive when I show up
Work, work, what they all about
Party bitches choosin' quick
No bottles out
Hold up a second, Double M
We respected and we gonna roll up
Another before they check us like

Writer: Shamann Cooke, Olubowale Victor Akintimehin
Copyright: Lyrics © Rich Forever, Close Range Publishing, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., WB Music Corp., Dead Stock Music
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