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Big Booty Lyrics


Leave your lame ass niggas and get on the motherf*ckin' dance floor

I love me a big booty ho

Ha you know I love money though (I do!)
And you know I love me a big booty ho (Big booty ho!)
Yeah, and I'm probably with your wifey (Probably with your wifey nigga!)
That's the main reason why they don't like me (You don't like me do ya?)

You ain't never seen a nigga like me (No!)
Gotta post up with your wifey (Gotta post with your wife!)
Yeah, and you know I love money though (You know I love money!)
Yeah, you know I love me a big booty ho (Big booty ho!)

Yeah, baby what you talkin' 'bout (Talkin bout!)
Your girlfriend, that what I be talkin' bout (That's what I be talkin bout!)
And the maybach, feeling low key (Low key!)
Bitch goin' down (goin down!), call it low key (Low key!)

Ha, pussy gettin wet, call it slow leak (Slow leak!)
You nigga hatin on me,ya he so weak (So weak!)
Bought your ass some cheap shoes,yeah he so cheap (Yeah he so cheap!)
Say that you a super freak, you gotta show me (Show me!)

Yeah, ass gets spinned like it's in rotation (Rotation, yeah!)
Dreads hang crazy I f*ck with Haitians
Ha, and my pockets stay super swole (Yeah!)
You know I love me a big booty ho


Ha, and I hate a bitch stuck up (She stuck up!)
Ya you round some bosses, girl you gotta f*ck (Yeah you gotta f*ck!)
Ha, and the money didn't change me (Oh no!)
Girl, I've been kickin pimpin, it's the same me
Pop em 2, get the range keys (Skirrrrt)
Strippers see me say, "make it rain please?"
Wipe my nose with the money when I gotta sneeze
When you rich, bitch, that's just how it gotta be

Ya, girl make it wobble (Wobble!)
You say you got some good head, can you swallow
Ha, and I feel like I won the superbowl
And you know I love me a big booty ho you dig?

Writer: Markous Roberts
Copyright: Lyrics © Emi Blackwood Music Inc., The Publishing Designee Of Markous Roberts
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