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Dream On Dreamer Lyrics
The Autumn rain
Is falling down
Through the clouds
Touch the ground
Wash away traces in the sand
And yesterday
So far away
It disappeared
Love was here
I close my eyes to be with you again
you're still alive, the world is in your hands...

Dream on dreamer
And the sun will always shine down on you
Keep on dreamin'
It's alright, feel alive.
Dream on dreamer
And the world keeps spinnin' round and round, you go
Don't stop dreamin'
It's alright, we're alive.

I'll light your name
Across the sky
I'll be with you
'Til the end of time
Don't wake me up, I'm reachin' for your hands.
I never thought
To break your heart
No matter if you're near or far
Just close your eyes to be with me again.
you're still alive, the world is in your hands!

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