Waiting All Day For A Super Bowl Fight Lyrics by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Lyrics

Waiting All Day For A Super Bowl Fight Lyrics
All right, hold on tight, it's finally here
Super Bowl Sunday's kicking into high gear
The party's arrived; time to get up and cheer

Hey, Jack, it's a fact, a champ's getting crowned
The Patriots and Seahawks in the final showdown
The whole world's a'rocking; time to crank up the sound

The NFL's best are here to play.
For every fan, there's just one thing left to say

We've been waiting all day for a Super Bowl fight
Lay it on the line just to get through the night
Running and hitting with all their might
Yeah, everyone's ready for the Big Game tonight

Super Bowl Sunday on NBC
Come on along with the best on TV
Everyone's ready, kick that ball off the tee
Because the Super Bowl rocks on NBC

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