Brendan Benson Lyrics

Brendan Benson Lyrics

From the Album What Kind of World (2012) (buy at

What Kind of World
Bad For Me
The Light of Day
Happy Most of the Time
Keep Me
Pretty Baby
Here in the Deadlights
Met Your Match
Thru the Ceiling
No One Else but You
Come On
On the Fence

From the Album My Old Familiar Friend (2009) (buy at

Eyes on the Horizon

From the Album The Alternative To Love (2005) (buy at
The Alternative To Love
Spit It Out
Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
Feel Like Myself
Alternative To Love
The Pledge
Them And Me
Biggest Fan
Flesh And Bone
Get It Together
Gold Into Straw
What I'm Looking For
Between Us

From the Album Lapalco (2002) (buy at
Tiny Spark
Folk Singer
Life In The D
Good To Me
You're Quiet
I'm Easy
Pleasure Seeker
Just Like Me

From the Album Folk Singer [EP] (2002) (buy at
Folk Singer [EP]
Folk Singer
Son Of A Welder
Unfortunate Guy
Feel Like Myself

From the Album One Mississippi (1996) (buy at
One Mississippi
Bird's Eye View
Sittin' Pretty
I'm Blessed
Me Just Purely
Got No Secrets
How 'bout You
Emma J
Insects Rule
Maginary Girl
House In Virginia
Hidden Track

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