Famous People Lyrics by Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley Lyrics

Famous People Lyrics
(Chris DuBois/Chris Wallin)

Well you're the first car in an hour or so
I'm glad you stopped in, it's sure been slow around here today
Just like every day
Well I couldn't help but notice your California plates
And I thought I recognized that name on your credit card
You're a movie star
I can't wait to get back home and tell all my buddies
That I met one of the most famous people in the country

Well, I only go to movies when I'm down in Bowling Green
And cable don't come out this far so I never watch TV
I know you played in something but I'm gonna need some help
Hey wait, weren't you in Cannonball Run, no, oh well

Allow me to introduce myself
My name ain't John, this is somebody else's greasy shirt my name's Kurt
This is the town that I grew up in
I've never seen L.A., the closest I've been to Hollywood is Dollywood
But when you get back to Beverly Hills, you can tell all your buddies
That you met one of the most famous people in the country

'Cause I caught the record small mouth down on Kentucky Lake
And I threw the winning touchdown pass the night that we won state
And I'm still signing autographs after all these years
Oh, yeah I guess I'm gonna need yours, sign, um, here

I've been thinking about doing some acting someday
If I ever do make it out to L.A., can I give you a shout
Maybe crash on your couch
If you hear of any roles that are floating around
That would put me and Ashley Judd makin' out in a steamy love scene
I'd work pretty cheap
If the phones are down, just ask around you'll get a hold of me
'Cause I'm one of the most famous people in the country

You're talkin' to one of the most famous people in the country

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