Old English Folk Song Lyrics by Bob Saget

Bob Saget Lyrics

Old English Folk Song Lyrics

There was an old farmer, who sat on a rock
Stroking his whiskers and shaking his

Fist at his neighbors, who sat on their wricks
Teaching their children, to player with their

Kite strings and marbles in the old days of yore
Along came a lady who looked like

A descent young lady and walked like a duck
Said she discovered, a new way to

Bring up the children to sew and to knit
The boys in the stables where shoveling up

Contents of stables left after the hunt
The car man was feeing a nice piece of

Straw from the stables, cleaning the walls
In came the dear maid to play with his

Dog in the dairy where she did belong
If you think this is dirty well your f*ckin well wrong..

[Thanks to Lextacy350 for adding these lyrics]

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