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Rack City Freestyle Lyrics
Yeah! I'm from that city, yeah that's that city
Put Decatur on my back, got the whole map with me.
This cush came from canada, call it immigration
It's way too loud, we gonna need proper ventilation
Two ladies, perfect symmetry
And I gave them both an A-plus for participation.

Back it up for bobby, pop it on my camo,
If I was a flat screen she be on my channel
What's up with that tone, girl?
What's up with that demo?
She wants back shots, so I hit her with that ammo
Yes, I am an animal, I will kill a poacher
Corpses all around me, all I see is vultures
This is for the birds and I'm no ornithologist
But I got a eagle's eye, view of the obvious.

All the arrows pointed in the right direction
Dots, I just give you the lines for you to connect them.
No salary cap no roof, no ceiling
I can do this in my sleep, every dream, worth a million.
I roll up on your poster, your cd is my coaster
Fool, kill yourself, take a shower with a toaster.
Life like a movie, wasted like gucci
Ain't on that white girl, but she give me that suzy
That becky, that Bridget, that Kelly at once
Repetitive gestures, just all in a bunch.
World cup bottoms, trophies on the front
I roll up a bat, I can bat with my blunt.
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