DC Young Fly Speaks 3 Lyrics by B.o.b

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DC Young Fly Speaks 3 Lyrics
[DC Young Fly:]
Ay B.o.B. man look man dis' DC Young Fly man.
Ay man, what the hell goin' on man?
I'm here and your ass goddamn keep flyin' around the goddamn country.
Yeah, I see you doing big thangs man but look, I still need my No Genre shirt man

Goddamn bruh, this shit A1 [?] you gotta f*ck with me.
And every time you go out man, and you fly across the world man, ay look I'm goin witchu.
I know your ass right there too and my ass be right there riding south with so you know, I be having connect flight so.
I'mma get there, I might not there the same day but I'mma get there my nigga

So look man f*ck with me man, call my phone man, goddamn nigga. F*ck you mean?
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