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DC Young Fly Speaks 2 Lyrics
[DC Young Fly:] No Genre [pronounced "jen-rey"] everywhere
So when you out on my block everybody got your "No Genre" shirts

[B.o.B:] Genre. [pronounced "ZHänr?"]

[DC Young Fly:] Genre [pronounced "jen-rey"]. Now if you want to change it to genre [pronounced "ZHänr?"] then you would put the 'j' right there. Matter of fact you should put me on the shirt holding the sign, another "No Genre" [pronounced "jen-rey"] sign leaning up on the "No Genre". So, you would be fly on top of fly. I need to change my name to "Fly Genre" [pronounced "jen-rey"]. How does that sound? "DC Fly Genre" [pronounced "jen-rey"]. I'm gon' name my little girl that. Fly Genre, Fly Genre? Come here! Sit down! She said she's going to be bad. Sit down Fly Genre, sit down!
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