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True Crimes Lyrics
True...crime (Fire Squad)
True...crime (here we go)

Good Lord they shootin' at me
Smile on my face 'cause I'm trigger happy
Bitch get my drink and make it snappy
'fore I leave your ass screamin' for a taxi
True Crimes and nothin' but
I just seen that nigga Reuben jack a ice cream truck
Then quick across the street and rob a Pizza Hut
American Idol ain't my title
I'm Elmer Fudd with a big ass rifle
Lurkin' the block, homicidal
And robbin' nuns, gimme your bible (I'm kidding)
Don't you know I'm loco homes
With a trenchcoat like Sherlock Holmes
Full of shotguns and big ass chromes (why)
Set to break in all your homes (why)
And take that, take that, like Puffy Combs

[Chorus: Bishop]
Gimme your gun, gimme your knife (why)
It's True Crimes, better run for your life
Hide your kids, hold your wife (why)
It's True Crimes, better touch your ice
Cut your purse, stash your cash (why)
It's True Crimes, I'm about to blast
Call the cops and lock your doors (why)
It's True Crimes, and I'm taking yours

Went up to the store and I picked 'em
Mask and gloves, guess what, it's a stick 'em
Gimme all your money honey and a big gold band
Too quick bitch witch don't say no I'm so
Out my mind I can't be serious
Get hit so hard you'll have an out of body experience
No interference with the current proceedings
Or you'll be well in sand for some serious beatings
Oh hi, oh my it's a tough guy
Get your face messed up like I'm Vanilla Sky
You used to be a super-size now you're just a small fry
Ain't got enough gas so I do a walk-by (b
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