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Berlin Irving Lyrics

Other Songs:
Abie Sings An Irish Song (15 May 1913)
After The Honeymoon (23 Aug 1911)
Alexander And His Clarinet (19 May 1910)
All Alone (1924)
All By Myself (1921)
All Of My Life (1944)
Along Came Ruth (1 May 1914)
Always (1925)
Always Treat Her Like A Baby (24 Aug 1914)
American Eagles
An Old-Fashioned Tune Always Is New
Angels Of Mercy (1941)
Antonio (13 May 1912)
Any Bonds Today? (1941)
Anything You Can Do
Apple Tree And The Bumble Bee, The (7 Mar 1913)
Araby (1915)
At Peace With The World (1926)
At The Picture Show (20 Jan 1913)
Back To Back
Beautiful Day In Brooklyn, A (1948)
Because I Love You (1926)
Before I Go And Marry (8 Dec 1909)
Best Of Friends Must Part, The (6 Feb 1908)
Best Thing For You Would Be Me, The
Better Luck Next Time
Blue Skies (1927)
Bring Back My Lena To Me (20 Oct 1910)
Bring Me A Ring In The Spring (5 Dec 1911)
Business Is Business (21 Apr 1911)
But Where Are You?
Call Again! (17 Jun 1912)
Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon (23 Apr 1910)
Change Partners
Cheek To Cheek
Choreography (Sheet Music Version)
Christmas-Time Seems Years And Years Away (2 Dec 1
Cohen Owes Me Ninety-Seven Dollars (1915)
Colonel Buffalo Bill
Colored Romeo (14 Sep 1910)
Come Back To Me, My Melody (27 Sep 1912)
Coquette (1928)
Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep
Couple Of Song And Dance Men, A
Couple Of Swells, A
Crinoline Days
Cuddle Up (24 Nov 1911)
Daddy, Come Home (16 Dec 1913)
Dear Mayme, I Love You (18 Apr 1910)
Devil Has Bought Up All The Coal, The (1918)
Do It Again (9 Oct 1912)
Do You Believe Your Eyes, Or, Do You Believe Your
Do Your Duty Doctor! (6 Aug 1909)
Dog Gone That Chilly Man (30 Sep 1911)
Dorando (11 Mar 1909)
Down In Chattanooga (21 Nov 1913)
Down In My Heart (30 Oct 1912)
Down To The Folies Bergere (24 Apr 1911)
Draggy Rag (13 Apr 1910)
Dreams, Just Dreams (12 Oct 1910)
Drum Crazy
Easter Parade
Easter Parade (1933)
Elevator Man, Going Up, Going Up, Going Up, Going
Empty Pockets Filled With Love
Ephraham Played Upon The Piano (20 Jun 1911)
Everybody Knew But Me (1945)
Everybody Step (1921)
Falling Out Of Love Can Be Fun
Fella With An Umbrella, A
Fiddle-Dee-Dee (27 May 1912)
Follow Me Around (13 Nov 1912)
Follow The Crowd (30 Jan 1914)
Fools Fall In Love
For The Very First Time (1952)
For Your Country And My Country (1917)
Freedom Train, The (1947)
Funnies, The
Furnishing A Home For Two (8 Oct 1914)
Gee, I Wish I Was Back In The Army
Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
Getting Nowhere (Running Around In Circles)
Girl On The Police Gazette, The
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
Go Home And Tell It To Your Wife (1957)
God Bless America (1938)
God Gave You To Me (20 Apr 1914)
Goodbye, Girlie, And Remember Me (6 Aug 1909)
Goody, Goody, Goody, Goody, Good (11 Dec 1912)
Grizzly Bear (19 Apr 1910)
Happy Holiday
Happy Little Chorus Girl (1913)
Happy Little Country Girl (21 May 1913)
Harlem On My Mind
Haunted House, The (27 May 1914)
He Promised Me (12 Dec 1911)
Heat Wave
Heat Wave (1933 Version)
Hey, Wop (1914)
Hostesses Of The Stage Door Canteen
How About A Cheer For The Navy?
How About Me? (1928)
How Can I Change My Luck?
How Deep Is The Ocean? (1932)
How Do You Do It, Mabel, On Twenty Dollars A Week?
How Many Times? (1926)
I Beg Your Pardon, Dear Old Broadway (28 Mar 1911)
I Got Lost In His Arms
I Got The Sun In The Morning
I Just Came Back To Say Good Bye (8 Dec 1909)
I Keep Running Away From You (1957)
I Left My Door Open And My Daddy Walked Out (1919)
I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen
I Love A Piano
I Love To Quarrel With You (10 Feb 1914)
I Love You More Each Day (19 May 1910)
I Never Had A Chance (1934)
I Poured My Heart Into A Song
I Threw A Kiss Into The Ocean (1942)
I Used To Be Color-Blind
I Used To Play It By Ear (1965)
I Want To Be In Dixie (18 Jan 1912)
I Want To Go Back To Michigan (Down On The Farm) (
I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly (14 Oct 1909)


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