Taking A Chance On Love Lyrics by Benny Goodman

Benny Goodman Lyrics

Taking A Chance On Love Lyrics
The Benny Goodman Orchestra
Words and Music by John Latouche and Ted Fetter plus additional music by
Vernon Duke

In 1943, Benny Goodman hit # 1 with it and Sammy Kaye got to # 13.
Introduced by Ethel Waters in the Broadway musical "Cabin In the Sky."
Waters later reprised it as a non-charting single with Dooley "Play It
Again, Sam" Wilson.
Then, in 1943, Waters did it in the movie version with Eddie "Rochester"

Here I go again;
I hear those trumpets blow again;
All aglow again - taking a chance on love.
Here I slide again;
About to take that ride again.;
Starry eyed again - taking a chance on love.

I thought the cards were a frame-up
I never would try.
But now I'm taking the game up
And the ace of hearts is high.

Things are mending now;
I see a rainbow blending now;
We'll have our happy ending now
Taking a chance on love.

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