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Little Drum Machine Boy Lyrics
[holiday robot funk noise]:Baruch Atah Adonei Elohenu Melech Ha OlomAww yeahThat's the holiday--Rum-pum-pum-pump--that's the--BIIII YATCH--holiday robot funk!Rum-pum-pum-pump, Rum-pum-pum-pump.UHBaruch Atah Adonei Elohenu Melech Ha Olomright about now, we're gonna drop some--Rum-pum-pum-pump--Hanukkah science.yeah uh, uh, this is it...I press a button make the gentlemen cry,I rock a beat to make the hamburger fry,and I funk this joint and shake that holiday gearthe system boomin' strictly Pioneer, under the rear, bringin' a tearaww la lal waaBaruch Atah Adonei Elohenu Melech Ha Olom {x4}I turn it out in a holiday mode,safe like a seatbelt in a Volvo,keepin' it real like a spray-snow treewe'll shut it down, harmoniously, rockin' softly, 8/0/8 beats.pimpin' is his gameI get the shit lit like a menorahthis funk's so illegal I think I might need a lawyerI'm not a firestarter, but my beats gets hotterget 'em out like an allowance, footwear, I rock with New BalanceHanukkah pimps on it, check.check the mic, I rock the pimpno sweatmeals are mackin', tracks jackin'ejaculating like buffet tables and record labelswillin' and able, to bring my funk in the place it needs belifestyles of the slick and sleazyspin 'em around, play around, like a dreidelkinda science that puts ya back into thec radleoh my shit, sometimes this track is so poignantsomebody please pass me some kinda ointmentput these rhymes together like a thiefclear up your nose like a eucalyptus leafdroppin' science so you don't even know what hit yanext thing you know you're 13 gettin' a Bar Mitzvahpimpin' is his gameBaruch Atah Adonei Elohenu Melech Ha Olom {x4}pimpin' is his gameElohenu Melech Ha OlomBaruch Atah Adonei Elohenu Melech Ha Olom {x4}I get down, I get down, I get down all the wayyeahyeah yeah yeah yeah yeahwo-oooooohI get down, i get down, I get down all the way {x8}HANNUKAH PIMP {x21}PIMPIN'PIMPIN'PIMPIN'MENORAHMENORAH
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