Beginner's Luck Lyrics by Beck

Beck Lyrics

Beginner's Luck Lyrics
Is there time to feel the strain and smoke the lungs?
We can be legible, ?? and maximum
Place your bets on this, but the jury holds your blueprints
We've got a key above the room, a microscope
We can besiege and pass the day without a care
There's nothing broken but your face now anyway
Closer to finding out in the scheme of things
Heaven will wait, pull up a ??
And play sitar and give thanks
They all become disposable with those who hate
That's when the magic strikes
And it's growing from a ??
Stashing the feast, the beast
The leopard swallows her cub
We got no scars to tell the bizarres
Who make me bluff
He'll be glad to lend a hand
When the end of the world does stop
There's no protection from beginner's luck
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