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Basement Jaxx Lyrics

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From the Album Junto (2014) (buy at
Never Say Never
Mermaid Of Salinas
What A Difference Your Love Makes (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album Scars (2009) (buy at

She's No Good
Feelings Gone
My Turn
A Possibility
We March On
What's A Girl Gotta Do
Stay Close
Gimme Somethin' True

From the Album Crazy Itch Radio (2006) (buy at

Hush Boy
Take Me Back To Your House
Hey U
On The Train
Run 4 Cover
Smoke Bubbles
Lights Go Down
Keep Keep On
U R On My Mind

From the Album The Singles (2005) (buy at

Red Alert
Good Luck
Oh My Gosh
Bingo Bango
Where's Your Head At
Jump N' Shout
Lucky Star
Plug It In
U Don’t Know Me
Do Your Thing
Just One Kiss
Samba Magic

From the Album Kish Kash (2003) (buy at
2005 Grammy Award for Best Electronic / Dance Album
Good Luck
Right Here's The Spot
Lucky Star
Plug It In
If I Ever Recover
Cish Cash
Hot & Cold
Living Room
Feels Like Home

From the Album Rooty (2001) (buy at

Jus 1 Kiss
Broken Dreams
I Want U
Get Me Off
Where's Your Head At
Crazy Girl
Do Your Thing

From the Album Remedy (1999) (buy at

Jump N' Shout
U Can't Stop Me
Red Alert
Always Be There
Same Old Show
Bingo Bango
Stop 4 Love
Don't Give Up
Being With U

Basement Jaxx Info:

They started in Brixton, South London, in 1994, where they held a regular club night called Basement Jaxx, which was also held in a variety of venues including The George IV, The Crypt and The Junction. They were joined by DJs including DJ Sneak, Daft Punk, and singer Corrina Joseph. They mutated the night into an equally popular club called Rooty, the namesake of their second album. -Wikipedia

London, England

Electronica, house, UK garage, alternative rock, big beat

Years active:

Simon Ratcliffe
Felix Buxton

Name Origin:
They got their name from the regular night club they held in their hometown of Brixton, London, UK

Basement Jaxx Quotes:
Its very modest what we've got. Its like a glorified bedroom studio but in quite a nice bedroom, with a kitchen, and a vocal booth. Weve recently got a computer because we used to use an Atari.
-Simon Ratcliffe

We used to record vocals onto a tape and then sample them, that was the only way to do things with the Atari. It was really laborious, it used to take ages to figure out whether certain harmonies worked or not. That process leads you to do things that you wouldn't normally do. You'd find weird ways of working, which is good sometimes.
-Simon Ratcliffe

When I first met Simon he was organising parties in London. A friend would print up the flyers at work because he could get it done free. He was just inviting friends who would hopefully pay three quid to get in and he could get enough money to pay the rent for the bar.
-Felix Buxton

It's a hard slog doing promotion, but its nothing compared to working in a factory packing meat pies or whatever.
-Felix Buxton

Basement Jaxx Awards:
Grammy Award for Electronic/Dance Recording: “Kish Kash,”

Space Shower Music Video Award for Best International Clip "Where's Your Head At?"

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