Rat In A Spider Hole Lyrics by Baboon Rising

Baboon Rising Lyrics

Rat In A Spider Hole Lyrics
Once the king of the Motherland
An empire has grown
He drained the Fertile Crescent
And called Kuwait his own
He rose to power in a Coup
Established the Ba’ath Regime
His dominion of self exultation
Instilled fear by the cruelest means (WMD)
The effigy of torture and murder
Is evident in every place
The funding of terrorists
To advance his own breed of hate
After the blatant defiance
Of the international community
One nation had the fortitude
To stand against his tyranny
In a snapshot in time so endless
The statue of his likeness
Is pulled down from its place
It’s head beaten about the face
Dragged through the streets of Baghdad
Smitten with shoes by all who had
The burning of the currency
Celebrations of the people free
Once a king in an ancient land
Surrounded by palaces so grand
Viewed from the Tigris, the Mole
(Was) Dug up like a rat in a spider hole

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