Sweet Lil' Suzie Lyrics by Axel Rudi Pell

Axel Rudi Pell Lyrics

Sweet Lil' Suzie Lyrics
She's young & fine like
A sip of good wine,
& she plays like she's
Dyin' 2 meet u
& if u take her home,
Once u get her alone,
That's when her
Innocence beats u.

Same old story
4 a small town girl,
She's gonna play u like
A fool, yeah,
She'll take u up
Then bring u down,
Have a drowning in your
Own little pool, yeah.

Oh, sweet little suzie, who's
Your victim 2 night
On sweet suzie won't
U turn out the lights,
(give it 2 me now)

Well, I played along,
Thought I'd know the game.
Took a chance
With a true emotion
Gave her heaven & more
Than anyone could give
Sweared on my devotion.

She took it all in stride,
Just another ride,
U know I must've been
A blind, yeah,
Cuz, now she's feedin' off
Another lost soul,
She's got your heart on
The line, yeah.


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