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A Walking Memory Lyrics

This Isn't Blackmail, This Is War Lyrics


As they go to the river of darkness
you bleed my heart
and we could never just stop
running around in circles
you bleed my heart

and we can run again
in time to to pretend
and i can guess can guess again
which one you are

you plant the seed of deception
I won't give into your games
your thoughts and words are your weapons
your lies sounded the same

nice sweater bitch!

you took the best of me
my head is hung in shame
move on from your oppression
motive is torn again

you run in circles
and I can't see
not forever more
you tried to fool us
pretend to be something that you're not

you are the last one
with no humanity
you are a f*cking disgrace
pray for humilaty

this is the end

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