The Serpent's Chant Lyrics by Awake The Mighty Dragon

Awake The Mighty Dragon Lyrics

The Serpent's Chant Lyrics
The came as the night,
An alive and inplacable ghost
Seduction, lost innocence
Her voice was like a kiss,
Arid and disagree
And her name, as an enigma,
Whispered on the contrary

She came from the darkest tower
From the coldest abyss
And sang her song
Sick by her degenerated love
I trust in her betrayer eyes
Her lips Lied
And she took from me the secret...

"Show me all your desire
My lips aspire yours
I´ve been waiting for your, by ages
I lived and died in forgotten fables
Show me the flesh´s paradise
And the passion´s play"

She came with the night,
And with the night she was gone...
Broken promises at the mornings breeze

In the tower, she smiles
Blackened grace,
Deliver to me the origianl sin
Marks of a lipstick made of blood

The tower of hell
Don´t point to the sky

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