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The One Lyrics
Looking at you autumn has come
I ´ll take this moment and i´ll freeze
Deep in my mind

There´s something wrong but i can´t tell
I´m feeling something i can´t hide...

The walls that i´ve built are slowly crumbling down
Deep into the ground i know
There´s an illusion that goes on and on and on

And I cry the rain of the tyrants
Looking at my soul falling apart
And again i walk this way that leads to pain
I´m not as strong as i once thought

I sit alone, and I know
I can´t take this like i did before
Again i look into the stone
I feel the cold breeze that once traveled into the
Path that fills the mind of every fool
My illusion once again

This is the moment now this is the place
Do you really think that what you´ve learnt was all in vain?

Now it´s time to cry and learn
Arrogance leads to more pain
And be wise don´t believe
That all your thoughts were wrong

Now is time to look to another way

You will find what´s really in your mind
Screaming, shouting and rising to the light
Avantgard is not a place you´ll find
You will see,
But in this quest
You´re not alone

Your bloody tears are tearing down the sky
The storm is real, your home is you
Choose a mirror next to you, and then you´ll find the one

A new dawn will rise without your eyes
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