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Losing My Wings Lyrics
Through this shatered mirror made of stone
I saw my life, passing by
Drawing pictures in the cold distant sky
I know they're waiting
I'm ready to die

All your shadows in despair
Take this wings and let me rest in peace
all illusions so beware
Sometimes is better choose the hardest way

Whatch this frozen cradle of innocence
Suddenly it all come fall apart
Tragedy and pain the world seems no longer my place
But death can’t hear me now i can't find my way to paradise

All your shadows in despair
Take this wings and let me rest in peace
All illusions so beware
Sometimes is better burn than fade away

They told to fly away, reach the sky so high
Millions of memories, beneath the clouds they hide
And so they try to wash away my thoughts
Someone please hear the lonely voice of pain

In Darkness, words burning
All of the tears you´ll try to hide
Let me out, let me see
Lend your memories to me
Let me go, let me bleed
Let the opera decide
This is your life
Is this my way?
I can´t remember all the ways to go ahead

To all wizards and all clowns, i gave my hands
And all my thorns
Shining smile always teasing, rough lessons you will learn

I don't wanna fly away, let reason rule my world
The ground will never miss my feet, i'll make sand my only
And time will tell, the emptyness of their deeds

They're reaching high, so drasticlly they fall
Now i'm crying
but i know i'm on my way
There's no way back
when this fire burns inside
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