Induced Sleep Lyrics by Avantgard

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Induced Sleep Lyrics
Lost in a memory
Awakening dreams
i ‘ve turned to the past behind this strange wall

I know they can’t hear me
They cry for your love
Don’t try to hide your face when the tide turns cold

All the love that i´ve felt
And tears that i´ve cried
Nothing but little candles in the wind

This is the moment i am waiting for
When the reason and the feelings come in trough that door
And there’s no way to go back

I see all these people looking at my face
I can’t turn around now the time has come
There’s no choice i must go

All the fears i tried to hide
Locked inside my tainted mind there´ s nothing
Left for us to cry
Nothing that i can´t deny

And again above the crowd we stand
Let they cry their rivers take my hand
Now come we sail away sail away

Time is now on my side
I have my own paradise
But still there’s so much i can learn

When i see the mirror
I know that this wounds will heal
And there is a child on the stairs

I’ve cried for you I ‘ve bleed for you
Now i know that was all in vain
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