Attack Attack! Lyrics

Attack Attack! Lyrics

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From the Album This Means War (2012) (buy at

The Revolution
The Betrayal
The Hopeless
The Reality
The Abduction
The Motivation
The Wretched
The Family
The Confrontation
The Eradication

From the Album Attack Attack! (2010) (buy at

Sexual Man Chocolate
Renob, Nevada
I Swear I'll Change
Shut Your Mouth
A For Andrew
Fumbles O'Brian
Turbo Swag
Last Breath (Re-issue Bonus Track)
Pick A Side (Re-issue Bonus Track)
Criminal (Re-issue Bonus Track)
All Alone (Re-issue Bonus Track)

From the Album Someday Came Suddenly (2008) (buy at

Hot Grills, And High Tops
Stick Stickly
Bro, Ashley's Here
Shred, White, And Blue
Party Foul
What Happens If I Can't Check My Myspace When We Get There?
The People's Elbow
Kickin' Wing, Animal Doctor
Dr. Shavargo Pt. 3
Catfish Soup

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