Pushin' Up Daisies Lyrics by Asmodeus

Asmodeus Lyrics

Pushin' Up Daisies Lyrics
In a dark corner of the street
Helplessly and paralyzed
I'm lyin' at his feet
I'm payin' for my sins

His dark soul is out for me
He's catchin' up with me
He wants to drink my blood
Can't see the reason why I'll die

Don't worry it's not that bad
Death will come just like a breeze
It's not the end
This bein' dead

Pushin' up daisies

You're gonna die is what he said
As I cry at his feet
My eyes are bleedin' red
My life's still not complete

He's squeezing out the life of me
My mouth is soar and dry
Anxiety grips me
As I'm about to die (O, why)
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