Endarken My Spirit Lyrics by Asmodeus

Asmodeus Lyrics

Endarken My Spirit Lyrics
Entering the hall of almighty wisdom,
I restrain my desire.
Gliding down the stairway to cognition,
I ask myself:

Here I should find the truth?
Is this the vision, which raped me in my dreams?
Here I should find elder knowledge,
to take vengeance on my bereaved?

Coldness burns my face, enlighted by blazing torches.
The nervous reflections on the ancient decaying walls are hastening me to the deepest secret vaults.
This long desired feeling embraces me.

In supreme devotion, I listen to the words of the emperor:
To truly know the light, you must first know true darkness!

The perfection of this recognition overwhelms me.
This raggedness, which has distorted me,
dissolves a purification of my inconceivable doubts,
encourages the unswerving loyalty to superiority.

The obsession to follow the command seizes me.
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