Crimson Desires Lyrics by Asmodeus

Asmodeus Lyrics

Crimson Desires Lyrics
When evening died peaceful
and the sliver moon stood shiny in the sky
pouring his shimmering light onto sleeping earth
then a charming creature emerged occasionally
of the restless billowing waves.

A calyx adorned her golden glamourous curls
twining her delightful countenance
and dancing round her dainty hip.

Now the perculiar spectre lets her carrying on
silverglamouring waves, then submerged
to arise otherwhere.

Sometimes the fairy nymph alighted from her cooly
dwelling and strolled under moonlight over dewy
meadows along the shores and didn’t even avoid to near
The circle of human being or listen at the hovels.

She gladdened her heart about the calm
of her poor victims.

There were times, she let them know in advance of ice
drifts and floods or foresaw fierce storms.
Moody, she helped the ones, but others she tug with her
seducing sight and luring voice to depravity.

She poured the craving one ardent desire for lust into
their hearts so that they followed her to her precious
liquid, a wonderful grave.
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