Ashford & Simpson Lyrics

Ashford & Simpson Lyrics

From the Album Love Or Physical (1989) (buy at
Love Or Physical
I'll Be There For You

From the Album Real Love (1986) (buy at
Real Love
Count Your Blessings

From the Album Solid (1984) (buy at
Outta The World
The Jungle
Honey I Love You
Closest To Love
Cherish Forever More
Tonight We Escape (We Make Love)

From the Album High-Rise (1983) (buy at

From the Album Street Opera (1982) (buy at
Street Opera
Street Corner

From the Album Performance (1981) (buy at
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
It Seems To Hang On
Don't Cost You Nothing
Is It Still Good To Ya
Love Don't Make It Right
Found A Cure
It Shows In The Eyes

From the Album A Musical Affair (1980) (buy at
A Musical Affair
Love Don't Make It Right
I Ain't Asking For Your Love
Make It To The Sky
Get Out Your Handkerchief
Happy Endings

From the Album Stay Free (1979) (buy at
Stay Free
Stay Free

From the Album Is It Still Good To Ya (1978) (buy at
Is It Still Good To Ya
It Seems To Hang On
Is It Still Good To Ya

From the Album Send It (1977) (buy at
Send It
By Way Of Love's Express
Let Love Use Me
Too Bad

From the Album Gimme Something Real (1973) (buy at
Gimme Something Real
I'm Determined

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