Purple Swag Chapter 2 Lyrics by Asap Rocky

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Purple Swag Chapter 2 Lyrics
[Verse 1: Spaceghostpurp]
Back in this bitch motherf*cker, yeah it's me
Spaceghost Purrp and I put your bitch to sleep
Me and my twin at it again with this flow
Sipping on gin, living in sin, lean in the trunk
RIP to Screw, rest in peace to Pimp C
Shout out to the H and that f*cking SUC
My f*cking brain is purple nigga

Everything is purple (Swag)

[Verse 2: ASAP Rocky]
It be that pretty motherf*cker sipping that throwed
Gripping my pistol, my chrome
Hate and I'll hit you [?]
Spit it and flip it like Bone
Niggas ain't ready for the flow switch
Only Harlem nigga on his Bone shit
Tripping fo's since back in '06
Won't you see a nigga getting throwed bitch
Two middle fingers to the show, bitch
Cause they selfish in the show biz
Cause they shelf kids and it's hopeless
Career dying quicker than a cold fish
I be the fly young fella
Maison Martin Margiela
Bitches Cinderellas under my umbrella, I go and tell her


[Verse 3: ASAP Nast]
All hell here, bitches Satan talking
Told her to take it off, give me the D, she take the offense
Skinny nigga balling, trip but never fallin
Who said to make it rain? Bitch I make it pouring
I'm a take a [?], go study my nature
Big chain on me like Treach from Naughty by Nature
F*ck what you saying, away
A hater don't faze a gangster
Brought up in danger, all about paper
Smoking on purple, bitch I'm dangerous
Nasty, crazy
Ninety's baby, Mama I made it
Up to the sky, goodbye to the pavement
Hoes get caught in amazement
I'm stuck in my ways, so f*ck 'em up, f*ck 'em and duck 'em for days
What more can I say? I'm chasing this paper
That's purple, nigga

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