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Artist Vs Poet Lyrics

From the Album Favorite Fix (2010) (buy at

Car Crash
Favorite Fix
Unconscious Reality
Damn Rough Night
We're All The Same
So Much I Never Said
Miserably Loving You
Broke But Not Broken
He's Just Not Me
Giving Yourself Away

From the Album Damn Rough Night (2009) (buy at
Damn Rough Night
Damn Rough Night
To Hell With The Letdown

From the Album Artist Vs Poet (2008) (buy at

Assurance Closure
Lisa Marie
Infallible Remedy
All In

From the Album Alive Once Again (2008) (buy at
Alive Once Again
Assurance Closure
Exit The Quitters
An Infallible Remedy

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Bad Romance (from "Punk Goes Pop 3" Compilation)
Christmas With You (from "'Tis the Season to Be Fearless" Compilation)


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