Wouldn't Miss Heaven Lyrics by Arbor Brush

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Wouldn't Miss Heaven Lyrics
I don't have a lot of heroes that ain't the way for me
Cause Jesus is the only one around that has proven what a hero should be
I don't have a lot of money but even if I did
I'd give it all away in a second if it got between me and him
I wouldn't miss heaven for all of the world
I wouldn't trade a moment with him for anything on earth
No matter how picture perfect the world may seem I can see it for what it's worth
I wouldn't miss heaven for all of the world

Seems there's always a distraction tryin' to spin me around
Stealin' me away from the everyday blessings of the here and now
But I've made my decision my heart is set on home
Gonna keep my eyes on the future and my feet on the same old road
I wouldn't miss heaven...

There's no doubt about it temptation's gonna come my way
But the pleasures of the moment can't compare to the joy I find
Walkin' with my Lord every day
No no I wouldn't miss heaven...
I wouldn't miss heaven...

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