Justine's Housemate Lives In London Lyrics by Apologies, I Have None

Apologies, I Have None Lyrics

Justine's Housemate Lives In London Lyrics
So I opened a can of worms all over the floor. Now your floor moves like bath water but you're still no closer to knowing what I mean. We're going round in circles and we're right back to the start. Well you can put your hand in my hand but it's not going to happen. I hate to have to say that everything's not fine and dandy, but there's a fly in my apple juice and he told me to blame it all on you. An hour on the train and we'll be on our way to Jim's house where we'll waste a day in front of the tv set, and tommorow we'll cycle round tonights regrets, looking up on a city looking down on us, searching for the things that we just love to do. The easiest way to lose something is to hold on too tight, so cut my hands off and put them in my pockets bitch, I'll be needing them tonight. It's alright to put me back together with the help of my broke guitar. He said that would be alright and everythings going to be ok. It'll be ok

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