Eason Drive Lyrics by Apologies, I Have None

Apologies, I Have None Lyrics

Eason Drive Lyrics
Its 40 minutes down the road but we can make it if we run. 10 minutes later we were waiting outside with extra ticket stubs, but it was worth the sprint just to get in and shuffle to the front and i just sank in. When the city was ours we cycled everywhere in one night, sipping vodka from the bottle on the backstreets on your bike. The skyscrapers and endless miles all sank into the river and we all fell over. They were the moments we believed, don't turn the light out when you leave and even when theres holes in our pockets we'll sit on the bridge or get lost in a forest and talk about turning circles and coasting it in and how big the next hole you'll dig will be. I'll never look at phone boxes and bus stops the same again because of the midnight trips with milk and chocolate when we semi-vandalised them, but the endless hours I recovered from then, when I couldn't catch my breath, I'd do it all over again. You said "I'll pick you up at 8 and we'll go driving in my jeep and we'll go off road along the ridgeway until its too dark to see" and even though I got the middle seat and my head ricochet off the roof, I'd kill to be there now. And I wonder how differant things could have been. Where I else could I have been when new year chimed in while we were on the bus? Or when you put petrol in the diesel before an all night drive the beach? But I cant remember laughing as much as we did then.

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