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Smile For Me Lyrics
"[first verse]
when I saw you all alone, with tears in your eyes
I knew I had to be there by your side
when you need a helping hand, just call out for my name
and i'll put a smile on your pretty face

smile for me
baby wipe your tears away
baby just smile for me [for me]
let me mend your heart and pain
I dont want you feeling blue
cuz I do really love you

[second verse]
I care so much for you
and for you i give my life
whenever you are sad it brings tears to my eyes
i'll be there for you, until the day I die
I will never leave you there to cry


whenever you need someone to lean on
i'll be there by your side
to hold you and comfort your heart
and to stop all of your cries
let me heal all of your pain
and hold you in my arms


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