Stragglas Lyrics by Ant Banks presents T.W.D.Y.

Ant Banks presents T.W.D.Y. Lyrics

Stragglas Lyrics
[belch] Ahhhh.. Trademark..
Yeah, for all you stragglers out there, y'know?
Kev-Deezy (whassup?)

[Verse One]
Let's talk about these stragglers (stragglers)
You know motherf*ckers that always claim they down
Only come around when they need you
When you need them they ain't nowhere to be found (nope)
You know stragglers, fake motherf*ckers, lie to kick it
Always talkin about what they fin' to do, fin' to get
Runnin their mouth all the time when they ain't fin' to do shit (mm-mm)
Stragglers mayn, bitch made from the start
Harder than the motherf*ckin Tin Man but still ain't got no heart
Just some stragglers, strugglers, mean-muggers I suppose
Always wanna borrow some shit
with a big ol' green booger hangin out they nose (uggh!)
The stragglin, broke-ass little po' pimp
Talkin about he was supposed to been on tour
back stage with $hort and them
Stragglers mayn! Man you know them motherf*ckers hate us
So stay away from they ass cause them niggaz is contagious!

[Verse Two]
You know they scragglers
You know the ones that's always claimin they got the hook up
But when shit gets faulty the motherf*cker's standin around shook up
Scragglers man, you know! Hoes always want a back stage pass
But the bitch ain't talkin about, givin up no ass
Scragglers, the ones who says they is but they ain't
And the first one in the club hollerin, "HEY! Will you buy me a drink?"
Uhh, scragglers I just call 'em how I SEE
Baby wanna be yo' friend tonight cause she see you parlayin in the VIP!
Scragglers, Rolexes laced with diamonds, Lexus filled with timahs
As we arrive, gotta mash the lamers; "Kevin, can I drive?"
Scragglers, the one who always has a problem wants you to fix it
Then they find out y'all got a show tonight - can we have some tickets?
Scragglers, whether it's in the NBA, NFL, rap or R&B
you got scragglers, even Marvin Hagler had some scragglers
Scragglers man, you know you can't win and you damn sho' can't fight it
Even I done f*cked around and caught some scragg-itis

(You can break 'em and fake 'em take 'em but just can't shake 'em)
STRAGGLERS! (Stragglers!) Stragglers, Stragglers (That's right)
(You can break 'em and fake 'em take 'em but just can't shake 'em)
STRAGGLERS! (Stragglers!) Stragglers, Stragglers

[Verse Three]
You know them stragglers man
Motherf*ckers that's always tryin to get what you got
Same car, same clothes, same hoes
And always tryin to hang out at yo' spot
Just stragglin mayn, all up in a nigga face tryin to be cool
Steady lyin to motherf*ckers tellin 'em y'all potnahs from the ol'skool

Scragglers, I hate the ones that act like they got psychic powers
You know voodoo
Motherf*ckers always findin out and knowin shit about you before you do
Scragglers, you know the ones who always askin for this and that
The bad part about is she never the super fine chick
It's a two dollar HOOD RAT

Stragglers mayn (stragglers mayn) all up in a nigga grilled cheese
(mm-hmm) Tryin to f*ck with these real G's! (that's right)
Stragglin mayn, motherf*ckers that's always tryin to be up in yo' mix
Tryin to find out what ho you f*ckin
so they can get it back to yo' main bitch

Scragglers, I'm convinced these fools just might take over
Last night I seen a scraggler drivin somebody's Range Rover
Scragglers man this shit is gettin kinda crazy
I think the last broad I was with was mixed with black and scragnazzy!


[Verse Four]
{*belch*} Mmm! Stragglers mayn! (stragglers mayn) You know
the motherf*ckers that always come around and listen to yo' shit
then two weeks later they got some shit sound just like it!
Just stragglin mayn, they're always tryin to get some shit for cheap
Come around talkin about Banks I got two G's can I get a piece?

Scragglers man y'know the one who always walk around act like they ki'd
but when you pull out your joint they wanna hit yo' weed?
Scragglers man, y'all know y'all JESUS in your life
You niggaz need to stop smokin on that GLASS pipe

[belch] You know them stragglers man (that's right)
The motherf*ckers that's always comin around poppin they collar
Walkin on solid ground get knocked the f*ck down
for thinkin they too good to holla (mm)
Just stragglin man (just stragglin man)
Always talkin about the bitches they be taggin man (taggin man)
Most of them niggaz is in denial, straight saggin man

Always in YO' face, when you up in THE place
But they scared to see how yo' DICK taste
Scragglers man, these hoes just won't give up
Nine times out of ten these hoes out to scag and not to f*ck!


Aight, that's it

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