Gameless Mortals Lyrics by Ant Banks presents T.W.D.Y.

Ant Banks presents T.W.D.Y. Lyrics

Gameless Mortals Lyrics
(feat. Grip)

Oh yeah, y'know Kev (whassup boy?)
We was out ridin the other day
Rollin a livin room on 20's y'know (right)
Just just ridin, tryin to f*ckin with a bitch or sum'n y'knowhatImean?
(That's right, that's right) And this bitch starin me up and down
Had the nerve enough to say to me (what's that?)
I see you peekin but you ain't speakin (what?)

[Verse One]
Damn a nigga can't talk I thought my, game was fine
Feel like I can't walk and chew gum at the same time
Take aim and train, nigga mold a girl
Unfold the game, and then control her world
But niggaz they be ass-kissin, givin them ends
Lettin broke-ass bitches even live in the Benz
But that's a no-no, nigga what you tryin to do?
Homey those hoes 'sposed to be supplyin you
Got the game all crossed up (uhh) no doubt
Gave your change to a toss-up (damn) and sold out
Nigga you could buy pussy but you can't buy love
I don't, know what you squares be thinkin of
Savin hoes like "Braveheart"
Eatin pussy must be your f*ckin trademark, ha ha!
Let your superhater powers just activate
Cause I'm the playa y'all niggaz just love to hate

[Chorus: x2]
Is it love or what? Straight pimpin
Niggaz be f*ckin up - they simpin
Take a bitch all the way home y'all (all the way home y'all)
'Sposed to make 'em catch the bus (got 'em into the bus)

[Verse Two]
I'm talkin garlic, crab with the noodles
What happened to 7/11 for some Doritos and red hot burritos?
Now niggaz is straight flossin for the tossin
No more hot wing and nuggets with the sweet and sour sauce'n
it's all about the cheddar, who got the cheese
Can I have some more ice for my Cristal please?
Used to take 'em to Reno now it's all the way to Vegas
No more Motel 6, dumb bitch think she struck it rich
They say that game is to be sold and not told
But game has been financed with a lapdance
Bringin 'em back stage all up in the studio sessions (hehehe)
I guess niggaz ain't learned they lesson
about the game cause it's all bad with corruption
Nigga finger f*ckin lickin without the dick in
Well if you don't know, now you know
It's time to let a ho be a ho


[phone rings]
Hello? (Hey somebody paged?)
Nigga this me! (Oh whassup baby?)
I got a flat tire, could you come get me?
(Sheeit you betta get yo' ass on the bus!)
[dial tone]

[Verse Three: Grip]
Catch the bus? Shit, what the hell you mean?
I just call the next pimp to pick me up from the scene
It ain't no thang homeboy you know that's a fact
Cause when I swang, I have a nigga on his back
Sittin on his face, we at his place
By the way trick, how that taste? You know with game I stay laced
He keep my neck and wrists shinin with diamonds
And I laugh at a bitch, claimin that's her men pervin
Bizznitches be havin they homies thinkin they pimpin
Get 'em all alone they start simpin, big trickin, ass lickin
Tongue all in the clit
Can't even get hard and steady braggin about his dick, sheeit
You ain't heard? Quit tryin to shotcall, you a nerd homey
Get shot to the curb homey off that herb homey
and it got you runnin your mouth
But I'm Grip and like bowlin pins I'm knockin 'em out

[Chorus x2]

Whassup baby? Oh you got a flat tire?
Don't trip, I got a can of Fix-a-Flat in the trunk
Matter fact you can take my spare
Hehe, I still got you

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