Bonus Lyrics by Andre Nickatina

Andre Nickatina Lyrics

Bonus Lyrics
(feat. Shag Nasty)

[Shag Nasty:]
Go baby baby baby ooo check check

[Andre Nickatina:]
The homies said
Man we can trunk em like rocky if your cocky when you knock me
Do it till we sloppy or atleast untill you drop me
Nicky back at cha like star six nine
On the grind, on your mind and I'm runnin out of time
You know that bay bridge heart kid runnin through my veins
Hang with me bird let me pocket everythang
Cause my 3-10 shoes they don't leave no clues
I'll book and break the law but I'll f*cken follow through
Holla back my cardier savoir's fair
I was born round I could never die square
So it's like that

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