Ancient Wisdom Lyrics

Ancient Wisdom Lyrics

From the Album Cometh Doom, Cometh Death (2004) (buy at
Cometh Doom, Cometh Death
Invocation Of The World Destroyers
Arphe De A Londoh De Ialpor Salbrox
Cometh Doom, Cometh Death
Procreation Denied
Retaliation Of The Rebellious
A Acroodzi De A Galvah
Universal Annihilation

From the Album ... And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled (2000) (buy at
... And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled
Preludium - Lucifer, Aieth Gadol Leolam
And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled
With His Triumph Came Fire
Interludium - The Fall Of Man
As The Morningstar Shineth
The Serpent's Blessing
Postludium - His Creation Reversed
The Spell

From the Album The Calling (1997) (buy at
The Calling
The Awakening Of The Ancient Serpent
The Calling Of Nocturnal Demons
As The Twelve Legions Of Angels Died
In The Profane Domain Of The Frostbeast
Spiritual Forces Of Evil In The Heavenly Realms
And To The Dephts They Descended
At The Stone Of Ancient Wisdom
Of Darkness Spawned Into Eternity
Through The Mist Of Dusk They Arose And Clad The Sky With Fire

From the Album For Snow Covered The Northland (1996) (buy at
For Snow Covered The Northland
A Hymn To The Northern Empire
In The Land Of The Crimson Moon
They Gather Where Snow Falls Forever
Through Rivers Of The Eternal Blackness
The Journey Of The Ancients
As Snow Covers The Northland
No Tears At His Funeral
Forest Of Summoned Spirits
A Ravens Reflection Of The Ancient Northland
The Serpents Sleep Is Not Eternal
At The Other Side
The Sleep Within

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