Posessed Lyrics by Ancestral Legacy

Ancestral Legacy Lyrics

Posessed Lyrics
Never arrived, came on the wing, suddenly there, -out of nothing. You settle my body, occupy my mind, destroys the faith, all that you can find. Guess I'll never find out... Guess you'll never find out... Whatever (that) comes this way, however, posessed I'll stay. My insane thoughts, my darkest fear, your presence - my pain, twisting my mind when you're near. Could've been better, could have been worse, I'll never find out 'till you're carrying my hearse. Guess I'll never find out... What can I do, what takes it to, I soon need to know, -to get rid of you. Could've been better, but not much worse, I'll never find out 'till I'm lying in my hearse. Now, finally released, pain, now it has been eased, my mind, finally forgot, the vain, cured by a shot

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