Loudest Stereo Lyrics by Anal C*nt

Anal C*nt Lyrics

Loudest Stereo Lyrics
[Written by: Seth Putnam & Josh Martin]

This stupid slut brought me home last night
I robbed her after I got laid
I stole her stereo, it's the loudest ever made
I crank it up to ten all night, I'm much sicker than you
I'm crankin' Anal C*nt, Buckcherry, and Mötley Crüe

[Pre chorus:]
Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready to rock?
I've got the loudest stereo on the block

Loudest stereo on the block [x2]

My stereo's so f*cking loud the old people moved away
All the sluts moved into town and they're here to stay
All day long, I've got sluts riding on my cock
I love metal, I love pussy, I f*cking love to rock

[Pre chorus]

I've got porn stars and junior high girls hanging out
My game of black jack's a nine and twelve year old putting out
I don't wanna waste my time with stupid f*cking cock teases
All they'll get from me are a bunch of diseases

[Pre chorus]

[Backing Vocals Performed by: Jim Crow (Vaginal Jesus & Mudoven), Ken Cmar, Seth, Tim, and Josh]
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