Kicking Your Ass And F*ckin' Your Bitch Lyrics by Anal C*nt

Anal C*nt Lyrics

Kicking Your Ass And F*ckin' Your Bitch Lyrics
[Written by: Seth Putnam]

I just ordered my 30th whiskey
Your bitch comes over, starts gettin' frisky
She says, "Aren't you the badass singer of A.C.?"
Next thing you know she starts to blow me

Your loser boyfriend is getting pissed off
As she sees you sucking me off
The little pussy spills my f*cking glass
Next thing you know I'm kicking his f*cking ass

I'm kicking your ass and I'm f*cking your bitch (x4)

I punch his face in then I pull down her pants
I start to f*ck her in her f*cking ass
She starts screamin' and yellin' my name
She f*cking dumps you cause you're f*cking lame


After I f*ck her she's no use anymore
She crawls back to you she's a worthless whore
Now you're covered in blood and she's filled with my cum
I tell the bartender, "Bring me drink 31!"

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