I Paid J. Howell To Rape You Lyrics by Anal C*nt

Anal C*nt Lyrics

I Paid J. Howell To Rape You Lyrics
Jim Howell beat his wife so his brother-in-law fired him
We were trying to think of ways we could help him out
I saw you wearing a 311 shirt and reading French poetry
To your lesbian lover who was wearing a beret

I paid Jim Howell to rape you [x4]

First we gave him a fifth of Old Crow and some Schlitz
We told him youÂ’d probably be at the Random Road Mother show
While you were talking to Joe Bonni about clove cigarettes
He yanked you away and f*cked you up the ass


RAPED, RAPED, RAPED, you got raped by Jim Howell [x4]
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