Two Crooks Lyrics by American Steel

American Steel Lyrics

Two Crooks Lyrics
you fell in love with a brash young thing
an unpredictable man
lately i've been working every night
so i guess you say i've stayed my hand

people in the street know your name
they wink at me so i do the same
something is not right but they imply
i'll know when
if i wasn't scared by now i won't be then

never seen someone so deserving
of the benefit of the doubt
believe me you're got some rumors baby
whispered voicings down and out

some say you're trouble
i can see what they mean
run for your life boy
well i say i am
never seen my interests protected so well
if i was ever scared of trouble
it wont be now

they say you're trouble
i know damn well what they mean
they wink their eyes
until they can't see anything
your crooked smile
and my crooked mind
if i ever saw two crooks
it was me and you

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