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Blowing Up Lyrics
All that I know
Is that you're scared in the dark
Feeling pressed onto mine is bones intertwined
The touch of my lips
Will climb down to kiss
Your head to your thighs
Explosions arise
But no one's made me feel the way you do
When your body is next to mine

This is the sound of my heart
Blowing up, blowing up
I feel it all building up, building up
Yeah my head is spinning
My body is screaming out for you, you

We take our sweet time
From dust 'till sunrise
Your heart is beating out with each single touch
Your scream fills the night
And this feeling inside
You're feeling the love, the lust,
The skin on our bones become one
Oh, but no one's made me feel the way you do
When your body's next to mine

[Chorus x2]

So when she blows in the door
There is a fire in me
She really set it off
I feel it burning free
You got inside of my head
It brought me down to my knee
You lit the fuse now where's the spark I'm chasing
Down the line I hope you're waiting for me

[Chorus x3]

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